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Alpha International

Monitoring and Evaluation

Partial List of Alpha Researchers’ Monitoring and Evaluation Past Experience

  • Women’s Affairs Center

    • Conducting a Diagnostic Baseline Study on the prevalence of domestic and family violence against women in the Gaza Strip. A sustainable monitoring system together with appropriate indicators has been designed.

  • PCBS

    • Coordination of a Large Scale Health Survey, which was designed to monitor women's and children's health indicators including: antenatal, postnatal, breasts feeding,

  • Public and Community Health Center

    • Conducting a Mental Health Survey for teenage school girls in the district of Ramallah
    • Nation Plan of Action for Palestinian Children. The Articulation of Performance Indicators (national and program specific) for all programs within the framework of the National Plan of Action for Children

  • Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

    • Conducting a Baseline Study on Scientific Research Capabilities and Programs of Palestinian Universities in the various fields of knowledge. The evaluation focused on measuring the extent of innovation, ingenuity, relevance and development impact of the research programs in the various fields, effectiveness and relevance of the technical and logistical research support systems, gender differentials.

  • CPRS

    • Evaluating the "Compatibility of the Higher Education Programs with the Labor Market". This involved gauging the satisfaction of the employers (from government, CSO' s and business) with the university graduate in terms of scope and quality of knows how, readiness for involvement in the labor market. In addition the evaluation gauged the satisfaction of graduates with the education and training they have received in the university in terms of relevance, need, etc. An Alpha Associate has been involved in the design of the evaluation systems and the choice of indicators.
    • Monitoring of the "Governance and Democracy Program" of the United States for International Development .A number of indicators have been defined and measured periodically over a period of three years. In this context 42 surveys were conducted, seven surveys of each of the following six types of surveys: regular public opinion polls, special public opinion polls, CSO's surveys, civic leaders opinion surveys, CSO's leaders opinion surveys and PLC/EA members opinion surveys. The survey based performance monitoring is quite innovative since it has been based on heavily quantitative indicators.
    • The Development of the Palestinian Democracy Index This work, which involved three researchers including an Alpha Senior Associate, involved the innovation of a new national democracy index. The index is of a dual qualitative and quantitative nature. The scientific foundations of the proposed indicator its potential and constraints have been thoroughly developed in the book titled "The Palestinian Democracy Index”, 1999.