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Alpha International: 88% of Palestinians Oppose the Bahrain Conference

According to a recent poll conducted by Alpha International, more than 88% of Palestinians support the PA’s decision to boycott the Bahrain conference.

The resultswhich were announced by Alpha’s CEO Dr. Faisal Awartanishowed that 9% opposed the decision to boycott, while 3% said they don’t know, and 88% said they support the PA’s decision to boycott the conference.

Results of the poll also indicated that Palestinians are divided about whether Bahrain was forced by the US government into hosting this conference by the US government;  50% of Palestinians who had previously heard about the conference believe this is the case, as compared with 47% who think that Bahrain was not forced to host the conference, and 4% who responded that they don’t know.

On the Palestinian expectations of the conference's potential results, 78% of those who had previously heard about the conference indicated that it would fail, while 20% expected the conference would succeed. 2% responded that they don’t know.

Jordan offers the most political support

When asked about the political support provided by Arab countries, Jordan was regarded as the most politically supportive Arab country (19%), followed by Egypt (16%). Algeria ranked third, with 15 % of Palestinians saying that it is one of the most supportive Arab countries, while 14% said that Qatar is the most supportive. 15% of Palestinians saw no Arab states supporting Palestinians politically. The remaining Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Tunisia, each received less than 3%.

46% of Palestinians: Qatar provides the most economic support

Regarding financial support of the Palestinian people by Arab countries, 46% of Palestinians said that Qatar is the most supportive Arab country, followed by Saudi Arabia (25%).

There is a clear divide between Palestinians living in the West Bank and those in the Gaza Strip regarding which Arab State. While 68% of Gaza residents believe that Qatar offers the most economic support, followed by Saudi Arabia (16%), results from the West Bank indicate that Saudi Arabia provides the most support (32%) followed by Qatar (29%), Kuwait (5%), and the UAE (4%)

 41% of Palestinians: Turkey is the most supportive non-Arab country

When asked about political support provided by non-Arab countries, 41% of those polled indicated that Turkey is the most politically supportive, followed by Iran (7%), and Russia (6%). France, Germany, and Malaysia were each considered most supportive by less than 3% of those polled. Countries considered most supportive by less than 3% are not discussed in the results.

The results also show that 18% consider Turkey the most supportive non-Arab country in terms of economic support, followed by the EU (16%), Iran (10%), USA (7%), Germany (4%).

 The study was conducted by Alpha International for Research, Informatics, and Polling on a sample size of 300 respondents aged 18 years and older residing in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Data were collected by telephone between 21/6/2019 and 23/6/2019. It should be noted that the sampling error in the survey's results is +- 6%.