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Our Values & Approach

Data, data collection, and data analysis have become a headstone for many decision makers from governments, private business, and civil society. Thus, at Alpha, our aim is to provide reliable and relevant data together with good indicators for vital development planning, performance appraisal and policy formulation for government, business, and civil society. Alpha is dedicated to providing strong research and evaluation services, using cutting-edge methods and state of the art statistical analysis techniques. Alpha has an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity.


When Alpha works for you, you can count on these essential elements:

  • Personalized Process: Alpha team thoroughly discusses research needs with clients, refines research objectives, and makes recommendations for appropriate and state-of-the-art research methods. The Alpha team will use their full range of experience in developing the best proposal to fit a client’s needs and budget.
  • Quality Assurance and Scientific Approach: Alpha is fully aware of the importance of reliable validated data and indicators and is committed to providing the highest quality in data products and services. We use cutting-edge tools and methods in conducting research, surveys, and polls. Alpha’s scientific approach delivers credible and professional research and high-quality reports.
  • Expert Team with Extensive Experience: Alpha has established a team of distinguished researchers and analysts who are equipped with the solid training, skills, and experience to advise on and execute the full range of its services. Our 10 full-time employees and more than 200 part-time fieldworkers are well-educated and dedicated to their work. Over the past ten years, Alpha has completed more than 150 projects for more than 100 different clients.
  • Client Confidentiality: Alpha maintains strict confidentiality on all its projects unless agreed upon otherwise with a client.
  • Political Independence: Alpha operates fully politically independent. We have intensive knowledge of the local and regional political and societal context but are not affiliated with any political party or entity. We do not receive government funding, except through specific government-funded research project that we are contracted for.
  • Social Development Support: We hold youth development close to our heart and pride ourselves in our role as an important contributor to social development and job creation. In 2015 alone, we created more than 300 temporary jobs in the field of data collection for young Palestinian recent university graduates. We trained them in the research process and some of them also got the chance to be involved in-depth in the research topic. This enabled them to be more successful in their job search.
  • Working experience in fragile conditions: As a company that operates throughout the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, and the Middle East, Alpha is skilled at operating in volatile, post-conflict conditions. Drawing upon its large pool of experienced field researchers and its multiple field offices, Alpha has demonstrated experience working effectively in areas isolated by security restrictions and during periods of conflict or instability. Alpha is highly experienced in working in the West Bank and Gaza through its accomplished fulltime-based staff, who have led similar studies.