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Alpha has developed a holistic data collection system over the years, which proved itself to be one of the best by covering all the needed aspects of data collection, as well as providing clients with daily up-to-date data directly from the field.  A-Field is the system produced, owned, and provided by Alpha International, which includes multiple data collection methodologies, our most advanced being TAPI (Tablet Assisted Personal Interview).  The field capacity of A-Field is large enough to cover every district, city, and village, in the West Bank, Gaza strip, & Jerusalem.

Furthermore, although A-Field is based in the West Bank and Gaza, our data collection service reaches the entire region, by contracting multiple data collection agencies, Alpha is able to provide the quality of A-field in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and others.


The two most important features of A-Field is the variety of our data collection methods and our field capacity, mentioned below;

  •  Primary Data Collection Methods

 A-Field includes multiple data collection methods: PAPI, CAPI, WAPI, CASI, CAWI, CATI, TAPI, TASI, SAPI and SASI.

 PAPI    Paper and Pen Interviewing. Data obtained from the interview is filled in on a paper form using a Pen.                   

CAPI  Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing. This method is very much similar to the PAPI method, but the data is directly entered into a computer program instead of first using paper forms.          

WAPI   Web Assisted Personal Interviewing. The respondents answer the questions online, but they are also assisted online in doing so

CAWI  Computer Assisted Web Interviewing. Online research in which data is obtained electronically using online questionnaires. These questionnaires contain references so that the correct questions are asked to each respondent

CATI   Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. The questions are usually presented to the interviewers on a computer screen, after which they ask them to the respondents. To ensure that the correct questions are asked to each respondent, the specialized computer software uses "skips": Certain answers can lead to the next question being different. This also prevents the respondent from having to answer irrelevant questions.

TAPI   Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing. This method is virtually identical to the CAPI method, but the data is entered into a tablet instead of a computer/laptop.


  • Field Capacity

 Through our years of cumulative experience in survey research, Alpha maintained a highly developed database of a large number of data collectors in the different districts. The data collection team used by Alpha is highly experienced, and aware of our methodologies, ethics, and values. But most importantly they are honest, reliable and able to work under harsh circumstances, and with different target groups.

 Alpha’s data collectors with their professionalism and expertise in collecting data using Tablet and in dealing with different types of people are capable of conducting our surveys successfully, avoiding all types of dilemmas related to survey content and length.

 In addition, for all our projects, a field manager and experienced regional supervisors, are appointed. The field manager, situated at Alpha HQ, keeps tabs on all the regional supervisors as well as the actual data collectors. As for the field supervisors, they act as our field quality checks, their tasks are to mainly make sure data collection is at the right location, survey administration is done correctly, and lastly report daily to Alpha HQ.

 Furthermore, A-Field capacity is not limited by location, we are contracted with multiple other data collection agencies within the region, connecting us with high-quality field researchers, and enabling A-Field to expand its capacity to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, & Iraq.