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Market Research

  • Brand Health & Brand Perception: Important to make sure businesses/organizations are representing themselves correctly within the market
  • Satisfaction of customer and employees: Understanding the basis of customer/ employee satisfaction to improve and instigate loyalty or higher employee productivity.
  • Service Quality: Assurance that services provided cover all customer needs and identify missing factors.
  • Market Appraisal & Market Identification: Helps in covering the entire market, competition, penetration rate, and the position of the business in comparison.
  • Segmentation: Identifying main segments within the market, from the respondent working sector the to type of business registered, and analyzing indicators accordingly.
  • Mystery Shopping: A method to measure service quality, employee competence, and product availability in different branches.
  • Feasibility Studies: Understanding the current market and competitors, as well as best ways of market entry, and most effective products to provide. This can be applied as well for projects targeting social and civil work.
  • Due Diligence: A comprehensive appraisal of the business itself or the project, and evaluate potential model improvements.
  • Opinion Poll: Collection data on public opinion and perception.