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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation at Alpha International fulfill international requirements and goes beyond.

M&E at Alpha is based on 6 main requirements,

  1. Relevancy: We make sure that any project or program is relevant and suitable to the target group and client. Relevancy is accomplished by evaluating the project input and output. The input, in this case, is identifying objectives and validating them. The output is the project activities and outputs, where they are evaluated against the required objectives, impact, and effects.
  1. Effectiveness: Evaluating the extent to which a project or program attains its objective. This includes identifying key factors influencing a successful completion of the project, as well as factors which will counter and affect the objectives.
  1. Efficiency: Efficiency measures the quantitative and/or qualitative outputs in relation to the objectives (inputs). At Alpha, we focus on cost and time-efficiency, where multiple approaches are initially generated, and then the most cost and time efficient method is used and presented. Nevertheless, the objectives of the project/program are always used as a guideline for the most efficient method.
  1. Impact: Positive and Negative impacts of the project/program are assessed whether they are direct or unintended. This includes the social, economic, environmental, and political impact of a project/program.
  1. Sustainability: Sustainability of a project/program is measured by identifying the time-period in which the project/program will continue benefiting the target group after the completion of the project.
  1. Success Stories: At Alpha, we believe that no M&E project is fulfilled without previous and current success stories. A project cannot be thoroughly evaluated without any valid and tested evaluation methods. Thus Alpha provides case studies of M&E projects, success, and failures.