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About Alpha

Alpha is an independent consultancy that is managed and owned by research professionals. We provide reliable data and state-of-the-art statistical analysis tools to clients in government, private business, and civil society, as well as to private individuals. With our help, decision makers are able to make sound decisions here and now, while also planning effectively for the future.

Alpha offers a wide range of services, including market assessments, M&E, due diligence, and many more. Our services are made client specific, covering both B2B and B2C Projects. Alpha prides itself with A-Field data collection software, working online and offline in all of West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem. Furthermore, A-Field capacity is not limited, but can cover the region through our partnerships in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and others.

Alpha is skilled at operating in volatile, post-conflict conditions. Drawing upon its large pool of experienced field researchers and its multiple field offices, Alpha has demonstrated experience working effectively in areas isolated by security restrictions and during periods of conflict or instability. Alpha is highly experienced in working in the West Bank (including Jerusalem) and Gaza through its accomplished West Bank and Gaza based staff who have led similar studies.